Press Release

Why I Have Started My Revolution!

First let me define Revolution:

I. a sudden radical or complete change

II. a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm

III. activity or movement designed designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation

Revolutionaries are the kind of people that are born into different circumstances. See the status quo in need of change and are willing to take the risk and reap the rewards, changing it.

“I have a dream” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would say.

I dream of a better quality of life and better world for the next generations of our family to come. I know my dream is my passion and my responsibility to fulfill….thus the need for Radical or Complete Change!

You ask, how do I plan to fulfill my dream? Great question and I’m a glad you ask, by taking this passion and enthusiasm to help others achieve their desire of wellness and an exceptional quality of life participating in the wellness revolution. I am serving others by helping them accomplish their desires of better Health and Wellness and measure the actual affect by the number of people that achieve freedom through a better quality of life.

40 Trillion to one!

I know how rare it is to be born in this world a human being who is having a spiritual experience encapsulated inside physical body! My great friend and mentor Gary Vaynerchuk describes it as a “40 trillion to one odds”. In my gratitude and appreciation for this rarest of opportunities I have made a radical and complete change to lead the Revolution. I fundamentally think differently and visualize my success helping others.

Keep your eyes open everyone the Revolution is in progress.

Viva de Revolution,

Archie Hudson Jr