Week 17 I Have A Dream

Famous Words

Although “I Have A Dream” are the words that were made famous by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I find it important that I reflect upon those words as we prepare to celebrate his birth in a national holiday. Without him giving his life for my ability to be able to do what I want, it is possible that I would not be able to write this brief blog.

The birth of the man signifies life as well as the birth of a vision. Knowing what I know now I understand it was Dr. Kings vision that gave birth to the dream. If you listen to his illustrious words, as I often have, he describes a very clear vision of what was needed for this world to live in equality!


Are we living in a world of equality? NO! Too many people are living in a dream and not fulfilling the Vision. You might ask why I say that, because living in a dream requires no action and to fulfill a vision requires one to keep getting up every time you get knocked on your ass. Living your best life is a process not an event! You must understand in this country they give you an event (the celebration of MLK Birthday) to IMPEDE the Process. If we undergo the process it possibly leads to EQUALITY!!!


Archie Hudson Jr

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