Week 9 Clarity

Mental toughness is key.

Sitting here on this Thanksgiving with plenty to be thankful for. Had an opportunity to reflect and thought about the many times I was not thankful and took things for granted. Hanging with family on this day of thanks and reminiscing about childhood memories and the clarity of those memories. Then, I have the revelation, was it a vision or was it what I was seeing. It was what I was seeing because it had nothing to do with the creative process but I will say it was something I was able to see on a much deeper level because of the observer in me. Truly been part of the journey in this process for the past 8 going into the 9th week. Being observant and knowing that what you are doing adds to the depth of one’s life because you are the observer. Your level of awareness is heightened your sight, hearing, smelling, taste and touch the 5 senses become alive again on a whole different level.

You level up because you are all in and no longer looking to be average!

You understand the amount of power you have in your life, the world without by controlling the world within. The explanations that Mark gave in this weeks webinar allowed me to tie things together; the reading of the blueprint builder was so much clearer in understanding of the 5 different steps and by doing the exercises daily with the shapes, colors and index cards how we tie in the different elements of time using all the different ways we learn. Finally recording my voice was incredible and I was elated that I enjoy the sound of my voice as well as the music I created. I learned a new skill, I now can use GarageBand!

The other six laws are part of this Law of Growth!

The law of growth was a continuation of the understanding of the methods behind the training. Knowing what we think about grows, you understand why you are where you are in your life and the things that you have thought about got you there. Time to put in real work utilizing the basic fundamental all inclusive law of the mind. Go all in, be convicted for my greater good!

The selection of a mastermind partner.

Things that make you go hmm! Thinking back over the years and sharing my goals, dreams and aspirations with people I thought I could trust has not always faired well. Most don’t hold you accountable they are usually interested in holding you back. Lesson learned and this time the selection process will be vetted a little bit differently. It is for my benefit and it’s ok because I know that the person I need is looking to serve me as well.


Archie Hudson Jr

2 thoughts on “Week 9 Clarity

  1. Liked how you compared going ‘all in’ to leveling up–knocking that cement OFF! It is astonishing how everything we’re doing is all coming together! Congrats on conquering GarageBand!


  2. Archie, I love how you described “I was able to see on a much deeper level because of the observer in me”. I can’t wait to hear your music that you’ve created for your DMP, how awesome it is!


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