Week 8 Below the surface!

I was always that guy that observed and analyzed my actions with the question why?

When I entered the MKE I thought it was going to remove me from the process of over thinking. Here are are in week eight and to my surprise I am being directed to look below the surface. Take my thought and thinking to a different level. Here in lies the work in this transformational process, when thought has been trained to look below the surface everything takes on a different appearance! Say what, the insignificant becomes significant; the uninteresting interesting; the things which we supposed to be of no importance are seen to be the only really vital things in existence.

Once again we must revert back to the mind and the thought process!

Knowing that we are in control of the mind within and what is then reflected in the world without. The process is to continue to fine tune what we are thinking and make it as detailed as possible so subby understands what is expect to be produce in the world with out. Cause and effect some call it karma, bottom line it is the end result which you and I control.


Archie Hudson Jr

3 thoughts on “Week 8 Below the surface!

  1. you are so right. The devil is in the details they say but we know that the details make subby take notice and get to work.


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