Week 6 It starts with a decision!

All the best to those that have officially decided to keep going with MKE. It would have been so easy to decide not to. The decision is the beginning of a process. Whatever your journey has been up to this point has been based on the decisions you have made. Whether they felt like they where made consciously or not it was a decision that got you to take action or not. Think about what and how you mentally influenced the decision…it all started with a thought. The world with in and it manifests itself in the world with out! Very powerful to no know that we can control it all. But, we have been programmed to believe that there is some force or source outside us that is in control. Time to exercise the Power now that we know the true source.



One thought on “Week 6 It starts with a decision!

  1. That’s right, Archie, the decision to move onward and forward is a very powerful one and also one of the very important manifestation of your “World Within”! There are more to come!


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