Week 4 We all Quit 100%

This week was very challenging for me to say the least. I heard them say it and when it hit home with me I truly understood it. Quitting and being all in 100% was the challenge of the day. When things get tough do I Quit of go hard in beast mode? I got my chance to make the choice. After I watched the video *what the bleep do we know, I realized I have been leading an emotionally non existent life. My life was so bland an I chose it to be that way because it was easy. Seeing how important feeling are to fully live up to our fullest potential was eye opening for me! So now I understand why I am having such a difficult time with my DMP because it was emotionless and void of feeling. Now the question becomes how do I find that something that I knew very little about. The video showed me what the chemical changes and reactions were inside a body charged full of emotion and feeling and how important it was to transforming my life. So again I ask myself how do I obtain what has been missing for so long….Google is a beautiful thing when needed. So I simply looked up words with feeling and emotion and several lists popped up. Now I have the missing ingredient that I must apply. After I got back up on my feet and dusted myself off it was time to quit existing and go all in at 100%. Was it easy no, do I think I will not need to rewrite my DMP again, no but this one is 10x better than the last. And yes I am completely open to the feedback I will get. This process is very meaningful to me because I didn’t think I had much time left because of my age. With that being said I have decided to make the best of what I have left and expect the best. In the words of the late Great Bernie Mac “Bust A Move”!


Archie Hudson

5 thoughts on “Week 4 We all Quit 100%

  1. Wow, Archie, thank you for being transparent and sharing honestly what happened this week. I am very encouraged to read your blog and really appreciate how you are determined to give 100%, THANK YOU!

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  2. I love it Archie! I am so glad you made this post. I thought I had given 100% but then I realized that like you there are feelings missing from my DMP. Yes there are a few sprinkled words here and there but I didn’t FEEL them. You have inspired me to go back into my DMP and change the way it Feels.


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